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Pre-Made Book Covers |

Creating book covers is particular love of mine - and creating book covers for www.SelfPubBookCovers had been nothing but a wonderful experience. The site is dedicated to helping authors create polished and unique covers - each design is carefully vetted, and once sold, a cover is never sold again.

If you need a cover for your novel or memoir - fast, and at a reasonable price - then I hope you'll take a look and find exactly what you need.

Visit my gallery of pre-made books covers for SelfPub.


First Fruits Design Product Shop |

Zazzle has been a wonderful website to design for. They offer a   huge   selection of products - everything from mugs, to shirts, to pillows. They provide a truly versatile platform for artists like me to use to create products that are unique and customizable. 

 In my shop you'll find a wide variety: wedding suites, monogrammed gifts, shabby chic style, and plenty more.

Visit my Zazzle shop.