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Terms of Service


The following terms have been customized through years of self-employment, and are designed to protect both the client and designer during a working relationship.




·  50 percent of the agreed payment for project must be paid up front.

·  Each project may be revised up to two times, after which there will be a $25 charge for additional changes.

·  After the project is finalized, if there is a delay of payment longer than 30 days for payment, a 5 percent delayed payment fee will be charged.


Rights & Ownership:


·  You, the client, will be entitled to full ownership of all artwork created by the designer upon full payment of the agreed fee.

·  Client gains full license to reproduce works through commercial printers. In the case of stock photography used in any artwork, information will be supplied as to the commercial license for the photography in question.

·  All services created are for the clients exclusive use, except in the case of the designer's promotional use.




·  The designer can be reached at




These terms of service will be supplied as a PDF, along with the first invoice.  Transfer of the downpayment indicates your acceptance of these terms and conditions.


Thank you for your business!